Baby Headrest Pillow Toddler Head Protection Pad Neck Protector

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Product Description

• ANGEL DESIGN: This Head Protection Pad for toddlers with winged design, which makes baby looks like a angel
• WALKING ASSISTANT : Wirh ring design, can protect baby neck and head when them learning to walk,running and crawling
• COTTON MATERIAL : The material of the pillow is cotton, which can cushion when baby fall
• SOFT and BREATHABLE : Baby close skin fabrics, close-fitting use more comfortable and soft
• LIGHTWEIGHT and CUTE : weight 130g,very light and not any presure for baby’s shoulder,Backpiece protector pad has Unique design, cute appearance, let your baby wherever he is a bright spot
• ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER LENGTH : According to the baby’s size can be arbitrarily adjust the shoulder straps;Conforms to the baby’s size and design comfortable feeling without tigh

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