Flying Fairy Princess Dolls Magic Infrared Induction Control Toy

৳ 690.00

Product Description:
Small size, suitable for indoor fligh.
Function: up, down, sensor contro.
Flying Fairy Battery: 3.7V100MAH lithium battery! (built in).
Flight time: 6-8 minutes.
Charging time: 30 minutes.
Material: Plastic.
Features: Battery Operated,Electronic,Mini,Model.
Type: Fashion Doll,Stuffed Dolls.
Package Size: 17cm*6cm*21cm(L*D*H).
Colour: Pink,Purple.
Theme: Movie & TV & Party.


1.Open the fly Fairy switch, hand hold the flying fairies legs, the Fairy rotation then left the hand! ,Flying fairies began as low-speed rotation, the speed will reach a certain lift after take off!
2.After take off flying fairies, a certain height in the air will drop, and then reach out to fly fairy feet, below the sensor will start to rise from the reach